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Pancha-tattva features the superior and largest collection of premium incense sticks. Our sticks are uniform, charcoal free and are packed with love to capture the fragrance and freshness. Pancha-tattva derives its name from the Indian mythos. As per Krishnaist tradition, it refers specifically to the Five aspects of God or Absolute Truth. Blending these five aspects with a unique fragrance and highest quality, our sticks are known for unparalleled qualities. Additionally, they burn longer with clear and harmless white smoke radiating fragrance that spreads like happiness.

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Panchatattava Incense sticks come in multiple natural flavours.


Chandan which literally translates to Sandalwood enraptures a woody smell. Encapsulating the inherent creamy sweetness of the soft timber, the Chandan Incense Stick releases an aroma that is soft, clean and gentle.


Obtained from real roses, this fragrance spreads like the rose flower itself—round and everywhere. The sticks made from the rose flower give out sweet and floral aroma all around it.


Encasing the floral fragrance of Lavender, the Incense Stick radiate a sweet flower-like aroma. Derived from the actual violet coloured floret, these sticks give out an authentic lavender scent.


Jasmine flower is well known for its therapeutic aroma. The Mogra Sticks capture the essence of the rich and sweet fragrance. Besides stimulating the olfactory organs, Jasmine is also known to be an aphrodisiac.


Loban Incense Stick derives its name from Frankincense—an aromatic gum resin. The aroma it lets out is piney and lemony combined sweet and woody essence.

Vrindavan Flowers

Evident from the name, these sticks are made essentially from the flowers obtained from the holy city. They not only capture the floral essence but also radiate a spiritual aroma that speaks of Vrindavan.

Naag Champa

Derived from a plant of Indian origin, these sticks encapsulate a sweet and woody fragrance. The aroma is typically described to be calming, warming and moist.


Obtained from an organ of a male musk deer, lets out a smell that is sweet and captivating. The Kastoori Incense Sticks obtained from the natural musk captures this smell that radiates all around.

Incense Cones

All the great flavours of Pancha Tattva Agarbatti are also available in shape of cones in attractive packages.

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